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Iverson Automotive’s trim restoration processes have been featured in several classic car magazines.

Here are just a few of our favorite articles.

Mopar Muscle – August 2005

Mopar Muscle Magazine featured an article in their August 2005 issue titled:

“Quality Is In The Details”

Super Rod – June 2002

Super Rod Magazine featured an article of my 10-step restoration process. The article is taken from their June 2002 issue

Mopar Muscle – July 2000

Mopar Muscle Magazine featured an article describing my process in their July 2000 issue titled:

“1969 Road Runner Project, Part VII, Secrets To Straightening And Polishing Stainless Trim”

Super Rod – August 2002

Super Rod Magazine August 2002 Issue. This article features a “how-to” restoration of a 1954 Buick bullet taillight.

“Plastic Fantastic”

Mopar Muscle – December 2004

A great article on my stainless restoration from Mopar’s December 2004 magazine, under the heading…

“Superb Stainless”

Featured on “My Classic Car”, Dennis Gage (Host) speaks about his 1963 Falcon restoration.

George Iverson is one of the most talented people that I've ever met in the repair and polishing of stainless steel parts; and he, again, is one of those craftsman that gives us very high quality and good turn-around at a highly competitive price.

Dennis Gage